Preparing you for the Hospitality Industry

The unique Professional Immersion Module is set up specifically to help you immerse yourself into the operations and culture of hospitality and it is reserved to students who, prior to joining this program, didn't obtain a hospitality degreeThis module will last approximately 4 weeks.

Students come to appreciate and assimilate the traditions of fine living, attention to detail, customer focus, design awareness, spirit of giving, teamwork culture, international scope, and savoir être that characterize hospitality. 

The module makes full use of the unique infrastructure of the Institut Paul Bocuse, taking placeat the Institut’s Château.

You’ll benefit from the school’s hotel facilities, gastronomic restaurants, state-of-the-art kitchen laboratories, dedicated facilities for coffee, tea, table arts and wine education, the experimental Living Lab in the Research Center, as well as the Creativity Room in the New Business Incubator. 

Examples of courses that are an integral part of the module:

  • Hospitality Traditions & Culture
  • Service Technique
  • Kitchen Basics & Gastronomic History
  • Wine & Beverage
  • Introduction to the hospitality industry
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Lodging Management
  • Meetings & Events Management

You will also benefit from a series of hospitality site visits and seminars designed to give you an understanding of the culture of the industry that differentiates it from other professional activities.  

The Professional Immersion Module represents a unique opportunity to comprehend the essence of the hospitality industry and is reserved to students who, prior to joining this program, didn't have any experience in the hospitality industry. 
It is designed to be a pleasurable, enriching, intense, and unifying introductory experience. 

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