Tell us a bit about your background.

My name is Cindy Ramelison and I come from one of the most beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar. When I was a child, I wanted to work in a sector where I could be at the service of people and especially bring a piece of happiness to them. I wanted a dynamic job where I could interact with people. But I was also looking for a position where I could learn every day, use creativity and avoid daily routine as much as I could. And food services and hospitality seemed to respond exactly to these expectations.

  I was not disappointed when I integrated the “Institut National de Tourisme et d’Hôtellerie” in Madagascar, after my scientific high school diploma, where I graduated in Culinary and Table Service Arts and Hospitality Management. But I developed a particular passion for pastry, as I’m very fond of sweets and chocolates and the dessert is for me the best part of the day! So my very first steps in the world of work were in that department. After a training in a pastry laboratory/chocolate factory in my country, I got the chance to work two years as a pastry employee for the Constance Lemuria Resort, in the Praslin Island of the Seychelles. During that adventure, I discovered the beauty of travelling and the magic of diversity. And then I was admitted to the Msc in International Hospitality Management!

Why did you decide to join the program?

Even if I’m still really attached to pastry, I would like to explore the possibilities that the sector can offer. This program is the bridge for me to go out of the kitchen to be part of the leaders and the change-makers of tomorrow’s hospitality industry, because development comes through change.

  The “early makers” spirit of the program, focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, meet totally two of my career objectives which are to open my own chocolate factory, and a hotel school in Madagascar where young professional leaders will be able to compete on an international market.

  The MSc in International Hospitality Management is offered by two renowned schools, among the bests in their respective domains. And I think it’s a dream for most of the chefs to integrate the famous Institut Paul Bocuse. In any case, it’s mine.

  Finally, the perspective of discovering the faces of hospitality management and its evolution not only “à la Française” and in Europe, but also in Asia, was the decisive point for the African lady that I am! Without forgetting the promise of diversity in the classroom!

What do you expect from the program?

Through the program, its different courses, visits and trips, I expect to understand clearly what “Hospitality Management” means, where and how we can bring the best ourselves to improve this industry, and bring innovation and emotion to the people we are serving.

  I also expect to acquire the capacity and the attitude of a strong leader and a creative entrepreneur in the hospitality world and to launch my international professional career through the alumni network of both schools.

Three words to describe yourself?

Dream, sharing, determination.