Common courses

Semester 1: common courses in Lyon-Ecully


Acquire the Fundamentals of Management (optional): Non-credit on-line courses allow students with limited formal training in management or with missing elements to be prepared for later applied coursework. These courses are managed by emlyon business school.


Solid knowledge in marketing, management, operations management, strategy or finance, is key to successfully navigate the variety of business models that make the global hospitality industry so unique. In addition, the entrepreneurial and innovation management skills that emlyon business school is known to provide will help you distinguish yourself in the eyes of your future employer. Example of courses: Introduction to Financial Accounting & Finance, Economics, Principles of Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility etc.


The online course “Corporate Social Responsibility” is mandatory for all emlyon business school students and should be followed as a regular course during semester 1 in Ecully)


The first semester also includes the following mandatory courses:

  • French Gastronomy & Culture
  • Innovation Management
  • Project Management
  • Hospitality Entrepreneurship


Semester 2: common courses in Paris


Courses offered:

  • Managing Service Quality
  • Advanced Services Marketing
  • The French Experience, Service Design
  • Finance, The Electronic Marketplace & CRM
  • Luxury Management, Lifestyle Hotel Management
  • Service Experience (optional)