Term 3 - International Hospitality Management and Consulting

During the semester in Shanghai, you will discover a global hospitality marketplace through a specific focus on multi-national hospitality enterprises, hospitality consulting and asset management. Shanghai is not only renowned as the world’s economic boomtown, but showcases the legendary Asian hospitality service experience known worldwide.


You will strengthen your financial capabilities with Asset Management course, and your analytical competencies with Consulting Methodologies. You will develop your international profile with Asian Business Environment and Asian Hospitality Today.


Upon completion of the semester, you will be able to demonstrate a multi-faceted understanding of the evolving global marketplace and business environment with a particular focus on Asian business, present a consulting business case for an international or multi-national hospitality enterprise, and perform the functions of a hospitality consultant, junior corporate executive or asset manager.


Examples of courses offered in Shanghai:

  • Asian Business Environment
  • Asian Hospitality Today
  • Hospitality Asset Management & Business Models
  • Change Management
  • Environmentalism & Ecotourism