emlyon business school occupe la 2e place du Classement HappyAtSchool 2022, qui récompense les écoles offrant la meilleure expérience étudiante

03.17.2022 - emlyon business school is number 2 of the 2022 HappyAtSchool ranking, rewarding the schools offering the best student experience in terms of learning environment, teachings, student life and business relations. Elements which allow students to have faith in the future, and which they can readily share with future candidates.

This ranking of the schools ʺwhere it feels good to studyʺ, carried out by and for students, is indicative of the quality of student experience at emlyon on several fundamental aspects: teachings, professional integration, and the association and community life.

Committed teachings: 89.4% find the social and environmental issues are taken into account

At the start of every year, emlyon is faced with students in search of meaningful actions and more and more demanding of the businesses and organizations they work in, regarding their social responsibility and ecological emergency. They want to integrate institutions with a pedagogy and research which will prepare them to address the world’s transformations, along with those of organizations and society.

As a société à mission, emlyon now includes the ecological conversion issues, and those of ethical and social sustainability in all of its actions. The competence frame of all programs at emlyon was redefined against the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. By 2023, all courses will have been reviewed and labelled “SDGs Inside”. For instance, in the Grande Ecole Program, the course called “Act for climate” is now compulsory, and the Responsible Commitment track, one of the graduation requirements, allows to be committed for 50 hours as a volunteer in a mission with social and/or environmental impact.

Students do appreciate “how rich the diversity of experiences and opportunities is: courses, internships, group projects, responsible commitments, events and association involvement...” *

A guaranteed employability: 93.4% believe they will find a job they will like and 93.6%, that the school provides useful services for their professionalization.

Despite the current context, difficult, uncertain, sometimes stressful, it is very much comforting to see that students are committed and continue to have faith in the future and in their degree: 97.2% are convinced that their degree is well recognized among employers. Indeed, the Times Higher Education, the recruiters voice, ranked emlyon as the 2nd business school in France in its ranking of the best higher education institutions worldwide in terms of employability.

Just like the THE, the Happy@School ranking underlines once again the efficiency of emlyon’s Career support and how solid the relations developed with the socio-economic circles are, and how successful integration and long-term employability are for our students in today’s working world.

Some say: “I am very much satisfied with how interested companies seem to be in me. The best part, and the most important one too: job openings!” *

A rich student association life: 94.8% find the student life to be rich with extra-curriculum projects

In the end, students also praised the diversity and dynamism of the School’s association life. The commitment of associations is at the heart of our pedagogy and our education project. It represents the highly instructive space between student and the working life. Today, the School counts over 1,000 students involved in about 56 different associations on all our campuses.

Students recommend emlyon for “its unique team spirit within cohorts but also inter-cohorts, and the great variety in the panel of associations students can commit to.” *

*Verbatim of emlyon students from the 2022 HappyAtSchool investigation.