The Bocuse d’Or, one of the most renowned and prestigious gastronomy competitions in the world, was just won this year by Lyonnaise Chef Davy Tissot. This win is not only big for France as it is the first for the country since Chef Thibaut Ruggeri’s win in 2013, but it is a big win for the students earning their MSc in International Hospitality Management program at emlyon business school in partnership with Institut Lyfe.

The Lyonnaise Chef Tissot of Institut Paul Bocuse won the Bocuse d’Or this year.

Created in 1987 in Lyon by Paul Bocuse, the competition requires 24 specially selected chefs from around the world to compete for five-hours in front of a live audience and jury. In order to appear at this event, chefs must have already been active in competing and winning other global cooking competitions, like Tissot did earning 6th place in the Bocuse d’Or France in 2019 and winning the category of “best tray.” Before his current role managing Institut Paul Bocuse, Chef Tissot experienced a decorated career, having worked as a chef in prominent restaurants like Michelin-starred Villa Florentine.

Institut Paul Bocuse is a direct partner with emlyon business school in their MSc in International Hospitality Management program, established to create the next generation of hospitality professionals in just 18 months. The program offers specialist knowledge from industry experts at both schools, where a perfect blend of management and hospitality knowledge is combined with principals in business management, brand design and foodservice, and the creation of new ventures.

Students of the program also study in 3 iconic locations around the globe to benefit from true international exposure:

  • Lyon, France to focus on the food industry in the world capital of gastronomy
  • Paris, France to focus on the hotel industry in an internationally renowned travel destination
  • Las Vegas (NV), USA or Shanghai, China to focus on either the American management acumen or legendary Asian hospitality principals

This successful program boasts an average employment rate of 74% of its students within the first 3 months of graduating and has a built-in 4–6-month internship where students can choose with whom and where to work in order to ensure the program exactly meets their professional ambitions.

Having already helped Institut Paul Bocuse become the first educational training restaurant to earn a Michelin Star, Chef Tissot bringing home this honor fills France, Lyon, and the aspiring young professionals studying at the institute and through emlyon’s MSc in International Hospitality Management program with great sense of pride and serves as inspiration, reinforcing for student the endless possibilities that awaits them after graduation.

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