Semester 1 - Foodservice Management

The first semester in Lyon/Ecully is dedicated to raising your competencies in Foodservice Management. Upon completion of the semester, you will be able to perform the basic management functions of the hospitality industry and demonstrate advanced level general management competencies.


You will discover the world capital of gastronomy, home of the late legendary Paul Bocuse and a long line of famous chefs back to the famous mères lyonnaise, instrumental in the development of the very first restaurants.


Lyon boasts some 3000 restaurants several of them Michelin-starred (including the Michelin one-star Saisons, the gastronomic restaurant of Institut Lyfe) and is the site of the new Cité de la Gastronomie, an interactive and experiential national museum dedicated to fine dining.


Semester 1: common courses in Lyon-Ecully

  • Acquire the Fundamentals of Management (optional): Non-credit on-line courses allow students with limited formal training in management or with missing elements to be prepared for later applied coursework. These courses are managed by emlyon business school.
  • You will follow courses in marketing, management, operations management, strategy, finance and project management to successfully navigate the variety of business models that make the global hospitality industry so unique. In addition, the entrepreneurial and innovation management skills that emlyon business school is known to provide will help you distinguish yourself in the eyes of your future employer.
  • The online course “Corporate Social Responsibility” is mandatory for all emlyon business schoolstudents and should be followed as a regular course during semester 1 in Ecully)