Semester 2 - Hospitality Management

Paris, the world’s number one travel destination and the capital of design, fashion, luxury and fine art. It is home to the world’s most famous palace hotels and the mecca of modern lifestyle hotel design. Paris is THE place to discover the world of hotels and design.


You will develop your creativity and aesthetic sensibilities as well as technological insight through theoretical and experiential exposure to common courses in service design and services management, lifestyle and luxury, digital and automated environments and hospitality applications.


Upon completion of the semester, you will be able to design and develop a unique and holistic hospitality experience supported by a full brand design plan for presentation to a multi-national at its corporate headquarters.


Examples of courses offered in Paris:

  • Managing Service Quality
  • Advanced Services Marketing
  • Service Design
  • Finance
  • The Electronic Marketplace & CRM
  • Luxury Management
  • Lifestyle Hospitality - Aesthetics & Style
  • Service Experience (optional)