Semester 3 - Project and Hospitality Week

In-Company Consulting Project
In teams, you will manage a full consulting mission to solve a specific real-world management problem facing an international hospitality concern.
Working with students from the Universtiy of Las Vegas, your team will present your recommendations to the top management of your client company putting to use your consulting and presentation skills acquired throughout the program.


Examples of missions’ students have worked on as part of their projects:

  • Working on market research and defining how to create a successful hotel opening
  • Conducting studies on food safety
  • Helping companies redefine brand strategies
  • Understanding financial performance, brand perception and distribution
  • Analyzing how millennials can contribute to sustainability in the hotel business
  • Identifying the platforms that an F&B operator must be on to succeed in the digital world in china
  • Increasing brand awareness


Las Vegas

You will work on an Inspection Control Project focusing on the restauration industry in Las Vegas, providing quality improvement recommendations.