Career information

Careers Service Track

As an MSc in Hospitality Management graduate, we guarantee that you will be qualified to:

  • Ascend (with experience and maturity) to the highest positions in lodging, foodservice, meetings and events, or related general management
  • Specialize in a particular industry function: marketing and sales, human resources management, accounting and finance, operations management, strategic management, etc.
  • Fill a post within a property or regional or corporate office of a multinational enterprise
  • Start a small or medium enterprise or take over a family concern
  • Pursue a career in operational or financial consulting, hospitality design, asset management, brokerage, banking or related services focused on the hospitality industry
  • Fulfill the hospitality function in a non-hospitality industry or use related hospitality and business skills to advantage in a service sector.

Graduate employment results

Time taken to accept job offer:


  • 69,2% before graduation
  • 100% in less than 6 months
  • Average salary: 35K€


Survey carried out in 2020. Concerns class of 2019.

How will the program you prepare you for your future career goals?

Dedicated Career Services Team:

  • Workshops
  • Events (career fairs, career match, over 200 companies visit emlyon business school each year)
  • Industry related conferences and company networking.


Career Coaching Sessions:

  • 6 hours of individual coaching to refine your career path
  • Both face-to-face and online.


Hospitality Weeks:
You will also benefit from dedicated hospitality weeks in London, Paris and Shanghai, during which you will meet with industry professionals, tour exceptional hotels and restaurants and develop your network in the global hospitality market.


Alumni network:

  • Immediate access to the alumni network
  • Alumni events and networking sessions/alumni speakers.